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Is the powder in the multidose dry powder inhaler Novolizer® protected from moisture and particle agglomeration?
The special construction of the cartridge provides a very reliable protection of the powder from moisture. Even in case of uncontrolled exhalation into the Novolizer , it is almost impossible that moisture would get into the cartridge.

Furthermore, a metering unit at the bottom of the cartridge releases single, exactly metered doses. Thus, only the released dose could get into contact with moisture. Extreme environmental conditions like high temperature and high relative humidity had no effect on the consistency of both the metered dose and the emitted dose throughout the lifetime of the cartridge, whether sealed or non-sealed.

Each time the dosage button is pressed, a hammer knocks against the cartridge. This causes regular vibrations of the mixture of the active substance and the carrier substance lactose when used. This prevents the particles from agglomeration.